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Big Butts Like It Big


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Friday December 07, 2012 | Big Ass
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I don't know whether big booty babes actually do fuck better than flat ass hoes or not, but I sure do love to bang 'em! A buddy of mine who thinks about these things ...   Read More...

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Thursday December 13, 2012 | MILF
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When guys look for a hookup the first thing they're checking out is tit size. When a sexy Mom I'd Like To Fuck (MILF) gets horny, most of them go out looking for size...   Read More...

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Wednesday January 23, 2013 | Big Cocks
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A buddy of mine had a thing about the size of his cock, so most of us figured it had to be small – nobody else would brag like that. He was boasting one night about h...   Read More...