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Category: Amateur
Review Date: February 08, 2013 by Vee
Multi Access: Dancing Bear
Trial Price: $4.95 - 3 Days
Monthly Price: $24.95 - 30 Days
Billing: SBW
Pictures: 74 Picture Sets w/ 1000 Pictures Per Set
(High-Res Pictures: Yes) (Screen Caps: Yes) (Zip: No)
Videos: 74 Videos At Around 60 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): Flash Video (.flv) - 720x406
Delivery Type Stream Only
Other (Live Chat: No) (Video DRM: No)

Dancing Bear Review

Our Review

February 08, 2013 | By Vee | Amateur

Everyone knows what goes down at a Bachelor party; a group of drunken friends get together and rent a stripper for their soon to be wed friend who then struts her stuff for the viewing pleasure of the boys. They are loud, crazy, and oh so sexy. Bachelorette parties, on the other hand, are regarded as boring. Groups of girls sitting around, sharing gifts and gossip, but no real sexy action to speak of.

Thanks to the boys of Dancing Bear, you can say bye bye to that stereotype. Not only do they go round to Bachelorette parties and spice them up, they also get invited to regular house parties and host some of their own parties from time to time. Whatever the occasion, the boys of the Dancing Bears bring all of the sexiest action to every party, dancing their sexy toned butts off and getting special tips from the women at the party. These Dancing Bears don't dance for nothing, after all!

"The next time you think about a Bachelorette party, don't you dare think about a boring old gossip session."


Someday, when I get married, I hope and pray that someone is kind enough to get the Dancing Bears to dance at the party. Not only are all of the Dancing Bears incredibly chiseled and gorgeous, they are all incredibly well hung and love to shake their long hard cocks at anyone willing to watch especially if they are willing to participate. You see, the Dancing Bears aren't like normal strippers who take off their clothes for money, they only accept the sexiest of tips, primarily in the form of hand and blow jobs, which they get in bulk. That's right, these are not only male strippers, they are male strippers that you can touch, suck, and even, fuck.

Most of the videos on the Dancing Bear website involve the boys getting their cranks wanked and sucked by real girls who attend the parties. Sometimes, they even get a nice fuck in with some of the ladies, and boy oh boy is that fun to watch, (and I am sure even more fun to experience). The site is always growing and is updated pretty regularly, so you get to see fresh parties with real girls getting special treats and giving even more special treats to the Bears. They have a pretty good sense of humor, too, every once in a while showing up with their Bear heads and wearing those as they shake their cocks. They dance at a variety of parties, too, from Bachelorette parties to pool parties and even regular old house parties. The bears love to party and are willing to get down anywhere!

There are around 74 videos total, each that run about 60 minutes long. That is 60 solid minutes of tantalizing male dancing, all of which is shown frame by frame in the picture sets, each with around 1000 pictures per set. The pictures are all in High resolution and you can download the videos and clips in .flv format. All of that is kind of nonsense though, considering you can just stream off of the site anyway and all you really want to know is that this site is sexy, tantalizing and totally worth becoming a member of.


Though the Dancing Bears are exceptionally good entertainers, their website is not exceptionally easy to navigate. There is a lot of content on the site and it is all sort of thrown out at you at once, and though the point is to be stimulated, at times this site is a little OVER stimulating. If that's the problem though, then really, there is no problem. I mean, who can seriously complain about being OVER stimulated?


The next time you think about a Bachelorette party, don't you dare think about a boring old gossip session. No, you better think about the boys at Dancing Bear, shaking their asses off and giving the ladies of their parties damn good times! And when you think about the Dancing Bears, you better pick up the phone and book them for your next party and maybe someday soon we'll see you all on the site!

Dancing Bear

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